Saturday, February 28, 2009

Girl Put Your Records On: February

Girl Put Your Records On: February

Maybe this will end up as a monthly feature, maybe I will forget about it by the end of March, I do not know. But for now it seems like a good idea. And what is this idea?

Well, I thought I'd partake in a Monthly Round-Up of the songs I've been blogging/ writing/ dancing in my kitchen to. And why is it a good idea? It is a good idea both because when I look back it'll be lovely for me to see whose words and chords were playing in my mental jukebox and also as, clearly, I think these songs/ bands rock and, therefore, so should you.

Augustana: "Boston" [go here for a surprisingly beautiful official video] - This song has 'Corinne would like to hear this whilst standing in a field with 20,000 other people' written all over it. And there are not enough indie boys who play piano in my humble opinion so this re-addresses the balance.

Dashboard Confessional: "Even Now" (acoustic) [go here]- Just a little bit wonderful. And just a little bit even more wonderful because as a Valentine's Present you can download the song for free from their myspace. What's not to love?

Emmy The Great: "First Love" [go here for a rather quirky video]- I first heard about Emmy a couple of years ago in an issue of Vogue (see, who said it wasn't educational) and it is probably fair to say that she is exactly my type of girl, with her literary-indie-folk sound. And "First Love" as well as being achingly true has the kind of clever intertextuality that makes me leap for joy (tip: it's a treat for all fans of 'Hallelujah' that might help you put the hideous X-Factor version out of your head).

Gaslight Anthem: "Meet Me By The River's Edge" [go here]- Why didn't Gaslight Anthem become super-mega-huge in 2008? Like Ghosts in 2007 and The Holloways in 2006, I do not know. Literate-indie-rock (they have a song entitled 'Great Expectations' which has a line which makes the geeky-English-Lit Grad inside of me whoop) this is the type of band that taps into the part of my brain that is forever in love with Adam Duritz. The line that won me in "Meet me by the River's Edge"? "You wore Audrey Hepburn pearls". Magic.

Matt Nathanson: "Come On Get Higher" [go here for the rather uninspired official video or here for the much more interesting live version]- Let's make one thing clear: this boy is funny. I am, I confess, semi-obsessed with his live footage/ tracks and the more I hear the more it makes me itch for him to cross the Atlantic and, I don't know, play in my living room. And then never leave. His lyrics are pure poetry, filled with the senses and just enough hopeless longing to keep me happy. 'Come On Get Higher' is probably my most played song of the last month for those reasons alone. And, should you be wondering, I would totally lick him if I met him.

Matt Wertz: "519" (acoustic) [go here]- Another American singer-songwriter named Matt (hmm, maybe I'm getting some sort of fetish for them), Wertz is what James Morrison would be if he were American. Which may or may not be a good thing. From what I've heard I think some of his stuff is over-produced (but then I tend to think lots and lots of things are over-produced) but the acoustic version of "519" is one of those songs that, in that odd way which a few words and a few chords can, tells the truth. If anything was going to make me fall in love with it then it was most definitely the line: "We both know that I can think myself dizzy".

Stickboy: "Pirouette"[go here and watch out for the Kazoo] - Probably my absolute favourite discovery of recent months. There's something disarmingly charming about everything he does (and, crikey, does Stickboy have a workrate which makes me feel ashamed). Witty, lyrical and quietly poignant this is exactly the kind of folk-indie that I fall in love with. 'Pirouette' makes me feel joyously-dance-around-the-room happy - and I defy you not to feel the same.

So that is the tip of the February Music Iceberg. If anyone has any suggestions of who I should listen to in March, let me know...


Val said...

As you'd expect, I haven't heard of any of them. I like the sound of Emmy the Great, if only for the fact that THAT version of 'Hallelujah' is one of the few songs I have to turn off if it comes on the radio!

DIE TIE DYE said...

Man oh man...this is a steaming pile of drivvle. Just what was that you were saying about bland...?

Corinne said...

I think THAT 'Hallelujah' is only below THAT 'Run' in terms of covers I would like to poke Simon Cowell in the eye for.

DTD - A kazoo is not bland! Obviously far, far too subtle for you. Or is it just because Captain Beefheart didn't make the list? ;-)