Sunday, January 25, 2009

Scenes From a Birthday: Diner

Scenes From a Birthday: Diner

"Who's being filmed?"

I look over to where Charming Canadian is indicating, to see two boys wielding cameras. I glance where they are pointing and immediately see something that cheers me.

"They're in a band!" I exclaim.

My reasoning for this? They have floppy hair and guitars. Thus this constitutes official proof that the quietly trendy Diner in Old Street which we are eating in has interesting clientele.

Surfer Girl and I thus become slightly more interested in what is happening a couple of tables away from us, something that is most definitely lost on our dining companions.

"Time for the card!"

It is an immediate distraction from the floppy haired boys.

I open the card which has a slight bulge and am immediately glad I'm opening it in a booth in this restaurant rather than London Bridge Concourse. The chocolate they have already given me has been joined by condoms. Clearly they have a party in mind.

"Thank you" I laugh.

I open the card itself to discover a poem about my breasts.

"I bet it wasn't like this at Oxford!" Arsenal Fan says.

Unable to stop laughing, I shake my head.

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