Saturday, January 24, 2009

Scenes From a Birthday: Cookies

Scenes From a Birthday: Cookies

Dean appears at the top of the steps wearing an apron.

"You're a bit earlier than I expected".

Given the attire and the slightly manic expression I assume that I have interupted baking. And since it is my birthday, I have to jump to the conclusion that I may be going to get to eat said baking. And I love baked goods almost as much as I love David Tennant. Which is to say, quite a lot.

Sure enough, thirty minutes later I am the recipient of heart shaped cookies, covered in chocolate-orange-chocolate.

With little regard for the fact that my birthday-dress # 1 almost requires scary stomach holding in pants I eat three and decide I can reconcile no longer being a 'Young Person' (as defined by every discount system) some time in February.

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