Sunday, January 18, 2009

Next Step: The RSC

Next Step: The RSC

I am squashed on a sofa with Charming Canadian, Arsenal Fan and Breakfast Club Boy in the corner of the Amersham Arms, the pub which has been officially designated the 'Nice Pub' near Goldsmiths*. Irish Boy, having been here for less time than the rest of us, is sitting bemused (and with much more space) on the sofa across from us.

Having finished reading our own work we are now reading out the script of the Youth Theatre project I am going to start work on in a few weeks time. This decision has proven to be easily the most entertaining thing we have done today. Not least because these boys are not ones to avoid putting on silly voices for the characters. And we have come to the part where there are talking animals! And a magic cow! And crabs in a forest! It is all nearly too much. Especially when, for no clear reason, one of the birds begins to speak in a German accent. I am clearly a girl of simple pleasures.

The next line belongs to Breakfast Club Boy:

"Ssssssister, you cannot go there without passssssing through the foressssst... and you won't be able to sssssurvive OXUMARE!"

Clearly he is taking his role as Snakey Shakey somewhat more seriously than I had expected. I start to laugh. And realise that I can't stop.

Arsenal Fan pokes me slightly indicating that it is my line.

I open my mouth but nothing comes out other than laughter.

"Sorry, I've corpsed" I eventually manage.

The boys do not seem impressed at working with such an amateur and I suspect that my theatrical pub career may be over before it really began.

* As opposed to the 'Cheap Pub' and 'The Pub Where Corinne Wants To Do The Quiz'.

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Anonymous said...

I am so damaged that at first I read the title here as Step One. But I like the sound of this pub, and pub theatricals, very much indeed. Lots of fun. Cx