Friday, January 02, 2009

Cultural Exchange

Cultural Exchange

"See, even though i'm working two shifts today, I went to the library to send a script (ignore the fact I had to collect a book).x"

"Subby english culture bowing to brash america...x i still have glass in my foot"

"Am trapped between english sympathy & mockery. If your foot falls off don't say I didn't warn you (and, remember, I've seen the pictures)..."

"Haha. Indecision is a national trait of canada (see our trade policy with the usa)"

"It's clearly catching...x ps Canada trades?!"

"It takes technology, jazz and black women and gives back maple syrup, maple candy and maple sugar".


Anonymous said...

x marks the spot? All the Canadians I have known, to be fair, not that many, have been polite and a little needy. Cx

Corinne said...

Having never previously had much to do with Canadians (other than, aherm, indirectly in 2007) I'm tripping over them at the moment, what with Flatmate, Charming Canadian and, aherm, this one ;-). x