Monday, January 12, 2009

Creative Writing

Creative Writing

"What was your essay about?"

"Kneehigh and adaptation".

"I wrote a bit about Kneehigh too"

"We really could have pooled our essays and had two that were the right length!"*

"Yes, only I accused Kneehigh of racism in mine".


"Well, they go on about being a 'local' company all the time, and there are all these mentions of Cornwall on their website - so I counted how many times they mentioned Cornwall".

"You did what?"

"I counted the number of times Cornwall was mentioned".

"And accused them of racism because of that?!"

"Not explicitly".

There's a pause as we both take this in.

"So, what happens when I fail this?"

*Mine, surprise surprise, may have been a little on the long side...

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