Friday, November 07, 2008

To Continue The Theme...

To Continue The Theme...

"When did you start writing?" a Questioner towards the front of the stalls asks.

I am in the middle of E row in the stalls at the Lyttelton Theatre, listening to an almost audience with Russell T Davies*. Already he has divulged that DT's 'I'm leaving' announcement had been hideously complicated to set up (going under the name of Operation Cobra for many weeks) what with it relying on the correct timing of the link, the interval of Hamlet and the small matter of what they would do if DT didn't actually win**, that he knows what the Tenth Doctor's final line is (most likely) going to be*** and that he can't quite believe that there is anyone out there who doesn't like Doctor Who****. In addition he's cleared up the Russell Tovey as the Doctor rumours.***** He has also been, with increasing hilarity, plugging his book.

"When I was fourteen, fifteen I was part of a brilliant Youth Theatre group and they got us writing very early on. So you could say it all began in the theatre. But I suppose if you're a writer it's always going on in your head. You might be a baker or a dustbin man or the Prime Minister, but in your head you're creating these stories. It's just the way your brain's shaped - and I was lucky enough that mine's shaped in that way. So, to say that you begin writing at some point isn't quite true. You just are a writer."

And even though I clap when he is chastised for the emotional fallout of what he did to Donna at the end of the last series and, obviously, I still need to have words about the fact that he has never asked me to fill the role of Companion in this moment my reaction is immediate: I love the man.

*I wasn't entirely supposed to be there given that I have two rather large projects due in less than a week. However, Director Boy messaged me about there being last minute tickets and, erm, I have no willpower. I shall submit the message as mitigating circumstances to the examination board.

**"It was all David Tennant's idea. He's a show off".

***No, he wouldn't divulge.

**** "What would you do to people who don't like it?" "I'd slap them. Every single one. How can you possibly not like it? It's just fun."

***** "If you hadn't noticed - he didn't - I liked him. And the biggest compliment that I can give a man is to say that he could be the Doctor".


cat said...

And I'd slap him right back!

Val said...

Oh. My. God! I rather love him too.

There are some things which are no brainers - John in concert, David in Stratford and, clearly, RTD talking about writing! Deadline, what deadline?