Monday, November 17, 2008

"It's Not Geographical, It's A State of Mind"

"It's Not Geographical, It's A State Of Mind"

Dear the Northern Division,

It is hard to believe that it's been five years. In some ways it seems like the proverbial yesterday; in other ways I refuse to believe that it's only been five years (surely those dubious nightclubs in the Midlands were at least a decade ago). Everything that has happened in between, everywhere we have been, the thousands of photos we have taken (and by 'we' I mean 'you' and not 'me'), the songs we've sung, the clothes we've worn, not to mention all the questionably coloured cocktails which we've drunk. How could that possibly be summed up in a couple of hundred words?


There is, of course, no way that it possibly can. The beginning - that should be easy enough. A train station in York, a purple hat, a glitter banner. But that is not the only beginning. The tree in the middle of Boro, another banner, the Thistle Hotel. As two of you like to point out - a pub in York. A radio station car park in Newcastle. The lighting of a candle in London. A nightclub in Derby (by the gents' toilet). And, later still, for our newest member who can hold the moral highground and say he never went to Harlow/ Swindon/ Falkirk/ Berlin/ Zanzibars/ Jumpin' Jaks [delete as appropriate] or had a body part signed in Derby but who gets us just as much as all of us who did.

Radio Tour One

Because that was what it was always about. It may have been a boy named Griffin who started the story but he quickly became part of the sideshow. Which was, I suppose, what marked us out and why I'm writing this letter to you all now and not simply trying to put names to the faces which peer back at me from a photo album as I do to many who shared that bit of the journey but who have melted now away.

Movin' Out

Deck shoes. Riccardi and coke. John Barrowman. Fountains. The Evil Eye. Stage doors. David Tennant. 'Stargirl'. Eurovision. Girl Bands. Roadtrips. Bloody Bristol. The Bedford. JCS. Paolo. Camping. Banners. Dressing up. Never dressing down. Bouncing. New Years. Birthdays. Crazy golf. Puddings. Good grammar. 'Semi Charmed Life'. Bingo Films. Cocktails. Wine.

More Evil Eye

Not laughing at me every time I threw up/ fell over / cried during a gig. Laughing at me every time I deserved it.

Where did you get that guitar?

The Little Griffin Van. The Castleton sign. Latitude. V Festival. Gavin. Steeeve. The Riccardi Boys. The Ivyrise boys. Dublin. Paris. London. Staithes. Whitby. Liverpool. Manchester. Blackpool (it didn't get better the second time). Derby. Leceister. Birmingham. Scarborough. Danby. Blakey Ridge. Masham. Swindon. Warrington. Epsom. Newmarket. Bunbury. Stockton. The Mighty Boro. York. Leeds. Nottingham. Newcastle. Guisborough. Lincoln. Oxford.

More Birthdays

Shameless Corner/ The Corner of Glory (thanks, Fox). Tombolas. Quizzes. Peter La Scala. Bunbury Cricket (oh, and Jamie Theakston). The International Sign for 'Griffin in bed at the Evil Eye'. T-shirts. Red Tinsel. National Trust. The V&A. Newstead. Costume Hire. The dance moves to Take That songs. Zac Flippin' Effron. McFly. Gethin. NKOTB. Liverpool FC. Newcastle Utd. Strictly. Reality tv snobbery.

Radio Tour the Second

Harry Potter (well, some of us). Shouting lyrics. Dancing. Planning on stealing boats. Dares. PLOs. Not getting arrested. Being almost stalked. Indie Rock and Roll. Being asked to leave more pubs/ theatres/ venues after closing time than I would like to remember.

Rockin' Boro like it's 2003

Oh, and being escorted out of Nottingham Ice Rink.

Rocking with tinsel

In-jokes. Odd jokes. And the things that make no sense to anyone but us.

From the Little Griffin Van

Everyone who came in our box at the Clapham Grand (even, horror, Barry). Every photo we made 'our' boys pose for. And every time we insulted them.

Mud in Danby...

Tat bags. Second verses. The Reduced Billy Joel Company.


Fox. Griffin. And FA.

Becky's Birthday

York Opera House.

The Half Birthday

"I'll Be There For You".


More laughter, memories and glorious, dizzying, fun than I will ever be able to express.

The Team Photo

Of other things, the words slip through my fingers. I do not even know where to begin as to what our fifth year has already brought, reducing our team photo forever more by one. It has confirmed, however, how proud I am of having shared the last few years with you all. We've done incredible things together. Often crazy things. But incredible too.

I would not have missed it for anything.



Val said...

Dammit woman, my eyes are wet. You should probably pursue this writing lark, you're good at it. x

cat said...

I held it together, for the most part, over the weekend. But you had me sobbing. Timing is so strange.

*raises glass to us all*

Ma Egerton's, Charlie Busted, happy hour(s), snooker shot under the windmill, mini-David, Stratford, Eurovisioness, shared brain cell, look me in the eye, best jeans, putting in the miles, leis, over the bridge in the travelodge, Debbie Harry, cheesey chips, lock-ins, locked-outs, Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, the Tank, gold lamé curtains, pink Post-its, trams, here I go again, the Floozies, in my head..., the actual deck of an actual boat, Fundee, got previous, double denim, telepathy, spotteds, the Rules, the PSJ, Cloughie, Brill, all the way from Leeds/Boro/Southampton, Sound of Music, the other SoM, the other Corinne, wherever you will go...


Shona said...

A lovely and moving celebration of friendship shared ... I'm raising a glass here , love Shona xxx

Nik said...

i love you all. xx

gayle said...

Came in here to add cheesy chips and double denim, but as always our ND shared brain cell was at work and Cat's already mentioned them!

I'm holding back tears here. We've been through a lot, haven't we? xx

PS - Cliff Richard!