Saturday, November 08, 2008

How To: Annoy Me

How To: Annoy Me

To the man with the receding hair and the large laptop bag at Charing Cross Station who not only pushed in front of me but also went through the barrier on MY ticket, leaving me trapped and having to explain what had happened to three different men in neon yellow jackets before I could get through.

In case you'd wondered, it's things like this that I really enjoy, especially when I have a pending deadline crisis, I am on my way to work and it is raining and my umbrella is in Leeds.

Of course, I know it was an accident; I saw your ticket get spat back out just as mine had gone into the machine. You did not (I suppose) intend for me to get stuck and delayed. But of course you did not stop, in the first case to aid me in my 'a phantom guy went through on my ticket' story or, if you couldn't manage that, in the second case for me to fling expletives in your direction. It might even be something where if you hadn't pushed passed me in the first place, none of this would have happened, you would have been 0.5 seconds later out of the station and the world would be a tiny, tiny bit of a better place.

So, next time, how about we try it that way?

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