Monday, November 03, 2008

Events from the posteriors of this day, which the rude multitude call the afternoon

Events from the posteriors of this day, which the rude multitude call the afternoon

"You know what the tree means..."

Val, Shona and I had been admiring the beautiful tree on stage in the RSC's production of Love Labour's Lost but have been distracted by the 'Official Postcards' which have already been purchased in the gift shop. Needless to say a picture of the future Mr DA in said tree has captured our, erm, imagination.

Only Val has just pointed to something very important indeed. DT is in the middle of the tree. There is a large branch directly in front of where we are sitting, obscuring the middle part of the tree.

"Restricted view!" It comes out as a yelp. "I want my money back!"

Obviously I hate people like me.

"I will not be happy..."

Only the conversation drifts off as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern (or Guildenstern and Rosencrantz as we are unable to remember which is which) are joined on stage by a familiar figure dressed in blue. He lies down on the stage, making our seats a perfect vantage point.

"Ok, as of now this is not restricted view..." I concede.

"He's got a lovely profile" Val notes.

It is true. There are many, many reasons I am sat in this theatre on this afternoon, DT's profile being one of them.

As if in response DT puts a straw hat over his face.

"Maybe he heard" I giggle. For I am giggling. Because, hello, that is DT down there.

The missing King arrives on stage and the play begins. And, much to my relief, I am utterly charmed by it. The set is beautiful, the costumes gorgeous, the cast genuinely funny. And DT, well, not only can he wear a pair of tights his comic timing is also so perfect that I wish I could bottle it. I laugh. A lot.

Eventually the 'Tree Moment' comes, DT climbs up and - oooh - we have miscalculated. Rather than obscuring our view the tree means that DT is almost within touching distance, every movement of the eyebrow communicated to us. I sit, utterly spellbound.

The interval comes. Val and I look at each other.

There's a slight pause as we digest what has just happened.

"I take it all back, these are bloody brilliant seats".

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Val said...

I was so pleased to be proved wrong about the tree! Perfect comic timing, perfect view, and in fact a good job he wasn't closer or my arms longer, or I might just have had to stroke him a little!

And we thought the afternoon was good - little did we realise what was to come in the evening. x