Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Norwegian Scenarios: Oslo - Bergen Train

Norwegian Scenarios: Oslo - Bergen Train

Maybe the train ride between Oslo and Bergen isn't actually on the list of 'things you should do before you die' but, if I had my way, it would be.


Well, maybe because of this:

Or this:

Or, with 'Mr Brightside' filling your ears, this:

Given that the train ride was almost seven hours long and required us being at the station at 8.00am the journey was surprisingly incident free. I was given the job of removing American tourists who could not read carriage numbers from our seats (level of disdain, quiet high). More embarrassingly my selection of 'Mmmbop' proved to be, beyond the giddiness and the loudness and the in-jokes, the thing that caused the two Norwegians who were unlucky enough to have seats opposite two of our group (one of whom was reading a Norwegian language version of Wuthering Heights) to move elsewhere in the carriage. What can I say? They were obviously not fans of mid nineties nonsensical pop.

As we couldn't get out and play in the snow - or, indeed, stop off two hours or so from Bergen at Flam for some flan (as became the running joke, spoilt only by the fact that Flam is actually pronounced Flom) - I shall be adding at least part of the journey to 'things I should do twice before I die'.

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