Thursday, July 17, 2008

Norwegian Scenarios: Bergen, Part One

Norwegian Scenarios: Bergen, Part One

The unexpected is seeing a trail of colour in the distance and wandering towards it in the late evening sunshine (for it is never truly dark). And, when you get there, it is being told that this is an art installation, on steps in the middle of the town, where people are being encouraged to fill in a coloured square by completing the sentence 'If I created the world...'

Obviously I took about two hour and wrote an almost-novel ("Is there going to be a PTO?") because, with that kind of power, there's a lot that could be done. And, c'mon, I'm not exactly known for my brevity.

"We were supposed to take them down today" the woman on the makeshift information point tells us. "But so many people have asked us to keep them up that they're going to stay until it rains".

This being Bergen, which rains on average 275 days a year, this may well be sooner than we think but, for 24 hours at least, our words occupy a space in Bergen's fabric.

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