Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Should You Be Interested, The Itching Has Not Yet Abated

Should You Be Interested, The Itching Has Not Yet Abated
We are in the midst of an enforced tidy-up because otherwise all the files and papers will either fall down, suffocating us in the process or finish the job they have started and take over the world. The tidy-up is made somewhat more interesting by the fact I am in the midst of having a minor allergic reaction to an as yet unspecified substance. It may be some sort of mutant dust allergy or, more mundanely, something in the lasagna I ate a couple of hours earlier. Regardless, my arms are going red and blotchy and, oh my, do I want to itch.

I'm balancing a couple of files when -

"There's a mouse!"

I freeze for a second, before I lose all control and my head explodes over the back wall.


It is as calm as I can muster and in that respect, the very antithesis of calm. It is the kind of over-reaction which would get me a guest spot on Big Brother.

"Yes, in the corner".

I do not understand why there is not more panic. There is a mouse. Probably a dead mouse. And I cannot work out if dead is better than alive. Because, great it's not moving and is therefore not going to climb on me, but, urrggh, it's dead and decaying and everything that involves. Either way - it's a mouse.

"You're joking, right?"

This has to be the reason. My mouse-freak out is now public knowledge. This is what happens when you have a blog and stop being indiscreet about actors and start being indiscreet about yourself. Public mockery.

"No, look -"

I do not want to look. This would not be a good idea if only for the fact that I am the first aider and would not be able to treat myself when my head exploded -

I see the mouse. It is a sort of off-white, average size, with a rather long tail.

It also has 'Evesham' branded on its front.

"Oh..." I say. "You meant a mouse..."

"What else did you think I meant?"

I decide not to elaborate.

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