Thursday, June 26, 2008

Even Though I Am Suffering Henman Withdrawal Symptoms

Even Though I Am Suffering Henman Withdrawal Symptoms

As, once again, I have found myself Wimbledon-ing at work* I have become enraptured with the BBC website coverage. Live Blogging! Clever Witticisms! Not quite blow by blow accounts! It's (almost) better than watching the actual matches**. And certainly Sue Barker never compared Andy Murray to Alexander Fleming.

How much would I love to be paid to make mildly sarcastic comments about tennis players for a worldwide audience? Quite a lot.

Mr & Mrs BBC - next year you know where I am.

*As opposed to the end of next week when I will be non-Wimbledon-ing whilst in Norway. Considering I booked the holiday my timing officially sucks.

**Let me kid myself, please.

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cat said...

Tom Fordyce, just fantastic. Here's a snippet from this afternoons Fed-Ancic commentary;

"Fed holds to love, and Ancic slumps on his chair with the shell-shocked look of a man who's just woken up with a hangover on a sailing ship bound for the Barbary Coast."

I'm Wimbledon-ing from work today, and whilst I could watch the match on BBCi this is just so entertaining :o)