Thursday, June 05, 2008

Don't Even Get Me Started On The Deck Shoes

Don't Even Get Me Started On The Deck Shoes

Until last weekend there's been a wonderful not far from my office door organised by the lovely My I Like people. The concept is simple - one luggage tag, on one side you write something you like, on the other something you dislike. You don't even need a luggage tag to do it (though obviously that's part of the excitment)- you can submit online.

Clearly I spent some time thinking up what I should put on a tag (other than the obvious 'David Tennant' and 'David Cameron'. Hopefully you can guess on which side each of their names would go - if not it might be time that we had a talk). In the end I settled for something I thought up on the bus into work one afternoon last week.

Somehow I think it says quite a lot about me.


cat said...

"The actual deck of an actual boat"

I am now snorting in to the aforementioned smelly old books!


PS - I'll have to think up my own to post here...

Nic said...

haha fucking genius!