Thursday, April 10, 2008

Because we haven't seen him for a while

Because we haven't seen him for a while

I march Val back the way that we have just walked.

"You think I would know the seat numbering in my own theatre -"

And then I stop, seeing who we have almost walked into. If the voice hadn't given it away then the profile did.

I look at Val. She has clocked exactly the same thing. We start laughing. Loudly.

The two girls in front of us turn round. My Richard mirrors them a second later.

I turn to Val knowing that I cannot possibly look in My Richard's direction or else I will do something incredibly stupid. Like laugh in his face.

"It'll be quicker if we go to the next door" My Richard says demonstrating the kind of FoH common sense that I admire whilst still managing to rid himself of the crazy laughing ladies. Especially the crazy laughing lady who is in charge of the building tonight.

"It's a good job we're telepathic" Val says when he is out of earshot.

"I know!" I am borderline hysterical. Call it shock. Actor shock. I shall undoubtedly have to go and lie with my legs in the air. "I'm so glad you were here to witness that!".

Somehow I manage to get on with my job and I only tell one person (again someone whose actor fetish is rivaled only by my own) that My Richard! (for tonight he most definitely has an exclamation mark) is in the building.

Later, much later, when Romeo and Juliet are dead and I have joined Val in the bar My Richard sits a little way away from us.

"There's one person in the building who would have made a good Romeo".

We both glance towards My Richard! and his pint.

"And he's a proper actor - in the bar and everything".

Usually when I am on duty actors in the bar are one of my chief whinges as opposed to life in general when I think that actors in a bar is a very very good thing. My Richard, blatantly, escapes such criticism.

"I'm sure you'd happily kick him out".

I giggle. Because I am a giggler. Even when in charge.

Later still, when almost everyone else has gone, I text Val to say My Richard is still sat in the bar.

"Don't go there, it never ends well" comes the response.

I smile and push the reception chair firmly under the desk.

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