Saturday, March 01, 2008

Because I haven't pimped anything for a while

Because I haven't pimped anything for a while

Last year there was Shaggy Blog Stories, this year it is over to Peach with You're Not The Only One in aid of Warchild. The deadline for submissions has just been extended, so if you've got a blog then you know what you should do. At the very least you should submit so that I have someone to have a consoling bottle of vodka glass of wine with if our submissions don't make the final cut.

As for my own submission, I had a ponder, ate some chocolate, listened to Scouting For Girls, pondered some more and then realised that pondering gets you nowhere. Consequently I pulled out the three entries that had sprung immediately to mind, discarded one for sheer vanity reasons and then edited the other two down into more manageable sizes. In the end I discarded the one that I suspect I will use in a novel, somewhere, sometime.

So the chosen blog? You'll have to guess.

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