Thursday, November 08, 2007

Banging and Bugles

Banging and Bugles

Without putting too fine a point on it I'm a week into NaNo and the terror has just about set in. So proper blogging will have to wait. But in the absence of such, and so you know that I am using my procrastination time well, I thought I'd share a couple of YouTube videos with you.

First up, you may remember that back in the days when I was an attendant I worked on the production of Bad Girls - The Musical. It is probably safe to say that I wasn't its greatest fan. Though I did end up knowing all of the words. A year and a bit later it hit the West End, I went to see it during its Previews and, erm, I still wasn't its greatest fan (though as they didn't charge me for my ticket I probably should say something nicer). Now it's closing on the 17th so I'm probably a bit late in flagging it up - but this is me, I work on Corinne Time which is not necessarily related to any other timezone.

There are a few reasons I'm putting this video up now: 1)This is actually one of the songs that I loved from the show in both of its productions [though my absolute favourite would be 'Life of Grime'] 2) Bad Girls seem to be embracing YouTube and t'internet and, y'know what, I rather like that. Good on them. 3) [Possibly most importantly] One of DA's reoccurring characters appears in the video and, quite proudly, sings in tune and everything.

The second YouTube moment features the Outdoor Shakespeare Company I worked for in the Summer. Filmed in Windsor [so before I joined the fun] by Former Soap Star it's worth watching even if you have no interest in theatre whatsoever just for the bugle playing at the start. This maybe points to a little bit of the chaos [and some of the lovely people and, erm, the bugler] that I seemed to live with for five weeks this Summer.

If you're wondering about the reference to the horse - originally there was to be a real- life horse in Henry V. Which, given that I was almost savaged by the real-life dog last year, didn't exactly strike me as a good idea. Predictably the horse caused utter chaos in Windsor and was never seen again. Phew.

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