Friday, October 19, 2007

You Know How I Love A Good Spotted...

You Know How I Love A Good Spotted...

Dean and I are strolling towards Covent Garden, wasting time before Dean goes off to work and I go have adventures near Earls Court in an attempt to visit the Finborough Theatre. A man, head down, walks past us.

"There!" Dean hisses "Brian Dowling!"

I turn round in the least subtle manner I can muster. It is indeed the Big Brother winner.


This is possibly our best spotted of the week, given that otherwise we are limited to various actors who have appeared at the WYP whom we spotted in Joe Allen (for, sadly, Sienna Boho Princess hadn't chosen this night to visit).

"There he goes, head down, trying not to be recognised" Dean says with the right amount of glee.

"I voted for him!" I exclaim. It is true, for BB2 was the days when I loved Big Brother enough to actually watch it, and marked such love by voting in the final. For I may have the reality tv gene, but I am also from Yorkshire. Any more voting would have required a much bigger commitment.

And now I am warming to my subject. "He owes me 25p!".

"Plus interest!" Dean notes.

"Exactly! That 25p is now worth sixteen pounds fifty!". I am not so sure that this is accurate inflation, but had I invested that 25p in a house or something then my guess is on the low side. Brian Dowling should be happy for this. "I should run after him and tell him that!"

"That's a good facebook status" Dean responds, for it is true, we do sometimes talk to each other in facebook statuses.

"Corinne is running after Brian Dowling in Covent Garden demanding the money he owes her".

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