Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Postcard From The Coal Face

A Postcard From The Coal Face

Dear Reader,

This is just a quick couple of lines, due to things like my having actual paid work to do (for there is a Press Night in three hours). But I promise this is a significant couple of lines. Probably.

The reason for my writing this postcard? I have a first draft! Of a new play! Something that can clearly only be noted through the over use of exclamation marks! It would be called The Invention of Love if Stoppard hadn't gotten there back in the nineties and swiped that title before I even knew I wanted it. So now I have to think of a title that hasn't already been ruthlessly taken. But it is still exciting. Because I do love it muchly. Even though I haven't read it all back (yet).

Because of the work thing I am celebrating with a chocolate penguin and some strawberry flavoured water. For I am rock and roll.


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