Friday, September 21, 2007

Pot. Kettle. Oddball.

Pot. Kettle. Oddball.

I settle into my seat, blissfully five rows from the front (for I am theatre geek and a theatre snob rolled into one. I appreciate good seats at discounted prices).

"Oooh" I hear from behind me. It is a Northern Oooh. All the more Northern for the fact we are in the middle of London. It makes me smile.

My Northern Oooh-er continues: "I wish I'd been this close for Take That!".

Now, had she said McFly I'd have been with her in an instant. I chuckle to myself at the slightly odd lady behind me as the house lights go down.

"What do you do with a BA in English?" comes the opening line.

In my seat I have what possibly amounts to an aneurysm. Because this is possibly the best opening line of a musical I have ever heard. I laugh loudly even though no one around me seems to find it quite as amusing as I do.

There's a pause and then I hear laughter from behind me. I realise that my Northern Oooh-er is now laughing at me.

But I am laughing out loud again. For Avenue Q is witty, and sweet, and cheeky and has puppets that I want to steal. Maybe more worryingly, I find myself crying just before the interval. C'mon I'm emotional. I cry at The Muppets.

When the show is finished and I am waiting to get out of the auditorium I hear my Northern Oooh-er again: "That was possibly the oddest thing I have ever seen".

The first words that comes out of my mouth? "You were right! I am Kate Monster!"

I resolve immediately to stop throwing stones.

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