Wednesday, September 05, 2007

"I'll take you anywhere you like, if you will, I will"

"I'll take you anywhere you like, if you will, I will"

There's a small group of us sitting around a table in the Kings Arms, the remnants of the post show crowd who had not finished their drinks when the taxis arrived. Somehow we are talking about the marketing that Rower and I have to do the following day.

"They won't be able to find costumes to fit us" I say. It is true. Rower is considerably taller than any of the actresses whilst I have a long running battle finding any kind of clothing that fits, let alone borrowed costumes.

"Oh, I'll try" smirks C from the seat next to me.

"I'll only wear one if it involves a big dress". I underline this point by gesticulating in his direction with my drink because this is, obviously, the international signal for slightly drunken girl wanting a big dress.

"No - you should go as a boy" Techie Chris counters, undoubtedly knowing that it is the last thing that I want.

"I don't think I'd make a very convincing boy". I pause. I have drunk too much to have any notions of what may be appropriate to say so I continue. "You'd have to bind me first". I make a little sweeping gesture with my hands in the directions of my breasts.

There's a pause before I hear the voice, deep and smooth -

"Let's form an orderly queue".

I blush hard and dare not make eye contact.

Rower catches my eye and I know I can't hide. Deftly she pushes her glass towards me -

"More wine, Corinne?"

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