Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And it can defrost your food...

And it can defrost your food...

"Dean! Corinne!" comes the shout.

I understand immediately from the tone of voice that we are to come and see what is exciting Director Boy. I take the computer off of my lap and make my way to the bedroom.

With some trepidation I peer round the door.

"Look!" exclaims Director Boy gesticulating towards the floor.

I look where I am instructed. There is a a small flurry of steam rising from the carpet.

"Can you tell the difference?"

I look again. He is right. There is a small difference in the colour of the section of the carpet he is pointing to. It is beige -er. That and the rising steam.


Director Boy beams. I take this as my cue that I may return to my serious internet related things. Like changing my Facebook status.

Five minutes later I hear it again: "Corinne!"

Again, I put the computer down and walk into the bedroom. This time both Director Boy and Dean are standing by the window.


Now my attention is directed towards the windowsill, which is rapidly becoming a pristine white.
"115 degrees" Director Boy proclaims knowledgeably. "Which isn't that unexpected given that water boils at 100 degrees".


Dean starts to attack the windowsill again.

"We have to remember though that it doesn't actually suck up the dirt. It only blasts it".

Director Boy returns to surveying the job in hand. I watch the two of them for a second and cannot help but marvel at how much joy, at 12.30am, a steam cleaner has brought.

I think this is what is meant by being gay.


Val said...

Do you think they're taking commissions?

Anonymous said...

Another indicator that I am indeed a gay man stuck inside a woman's body; I've been hankering after one of there steam cleaners for months. There's even one that looks like a penguin. Will they shift mould off grout?

Corinne said...

Val, I'm sure if you asked nicely, they might ;-)

As for mould off of grout, I was, in no uncertain terms, informed that there is almost nothing that the steam cleaner cannot do. It is truly a thing of wonder.