Sunday, September 02, 2007

"All These Things That I've Done" [Part Three]

"All These Things That I've Done" [Part Three]

London was...

Seeing Dean and Director Boy's faces at the sight of my pink suitcase.

Sunshine, free hours, aimless wandering and Dean grabbing my arm and pulling me away from the book stalls outside of the National.

Being woken up by having my face tickled, having home made food, swapping fried eggs for hash browns and not drinking black coffee.

Talking inappropriately on the Bus and talking more inappropriately still in Bistro in Covent Garden whilst the couple at the next table displayed far too much interest in us.

Discovering when Said Couple left that one of them was wearing a Leeds Rhino t-shirt and hence might have had more idea about things we'd been mentioning than we believed.

Being wonderfully decadent and having Bellinis in the afternoon just because we could.

Traipsing around Selfridges, not liking all the expensive shoes as they were too shiny, discovering I was a size 6 in Ralph Lauren and thus eating a krispy kreme doughnut.

Finding the most perfect winter coat I have ever seen in Moschino, trying it on and looking in the mirror even though I was told not to and then having to leave it because I needed to sleep on the amount of money it would cost me.

Getting over excited about the stalls in Covent Garden, becoming a bit Magpie-ish over all the sparkle and being upset that the vintage gloves were just slightly too small for me.

Knowing that my umbrella was still in perfect working order and didn't need replacing so deciding that this year a larger expenditure was merited and buying a ring and a new handbag because they were pretty.

Chasing after pretty Sloane Boys on Kings Road.

Blushing and being - quite rightly - mocked because of the latte stains on my dress.

Almost falling asleep in the Royal Haymarket (on account of having had three hours sleep the previous night and the auditorium being dark and warm and whatnot) but waking up when Last Confession got meaty and juicy and I genuinely cared about what was happening.

Seeing David Suchet control a stage.

Realising that I know far too many of the words to Bad Girls - The Musical, missing Hannah Waddingham and Director Boy getting me bonus WYP points by pointing out to our Artistic Director that I was watching.

Dean and I turning up in the queue for Wicked day release tickets wearing sunglasses, Mulberry and Paddington (respectively) on our arms and clutching cups of coffee before queue jumping and proclaiming "everyone's going to hate us!".

Watching the world go by outside Starbucks.

Knowing from the opening second that I was going to love Wicked, being bowled over by the sheer spectacle, crying like a baby even though I knew what was going to happen and then loving Kerry Ellis so much that I actually stood for her.

Being smug at getting the perfect seat for Cabaret for half price, loving James Dreyfus, getting goosebumps and then having my heart broken a little by the production's final moments.

Missing my coach home by two minutes, kicking a wall and almost breaking my foot and then encountering a very arsey woman on the ticket booth.

Talking endlessly and knowing that I wasn't being judged, even when the realisation hit us both.


Thinking I could live like this.

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