Saturday, September 01, 2007

"All These Things That I've Done" [Part Two]

"All These Things That I've Done" [Part Two]

Shakespeare in Oxford was...

Baking heat and sunburn, walking down Broad Street and being giddily in love with Oxford, green Blackwells carrier bags, brilliantly eccentric shop owners and second hand books.

Eating cookies in the afternoon, having ice cream at midnight and re-discovering the pull of the Kebab Van whilst pulling faces at everyone who was unwise enough to actually order a kebab.

Sitting on the pavement stapling posters on to boards with Rower, sunshine enveloping us, as C sat watching and laughing at my mock indignity.

Walking round Oxford with poster boards that were bigger than me, watching as Oberon got carried away and managed to break his in the middle of the road, having random men talk to my breasts when I was giving them fliers and Rower encouraging me to run after floppy haired posh boys in the name of marketing.

Talking in Oxford slang with Oxonian and then being overly amused when people didn't understand what we meant.

The invented company of Bartec trying to take over the world even though its headquarters were a room in Wadham and it owned nothing more than a screwdriver set and some Pimms.

Having a freak out when my phone broke on account of getting wet at V, getting so angry that I actually stood and shouted at the Director in front of cast members and when he told me to leave if I wanted to, almost doing so.

Being incredibly touched by everyone who checked I was ok afterwards, told me to stay, gave me hugs, bought me alcohol and, in one case, let me replace the gels in the lights.

Riding in Belinda the Van making fun of Techie Chris's taste in music and falling over every time I tried to get out [even when entirely sober].

The Digs' Manager thinking my name was 'Connie' and me being too polite to tell him otherwise.

Living in Girls' World which always smelt nice, had supplies of biscuits and chocolate and a constant stream of Guardian newspapers.

Late night conversations in the kitchen putting everything to rights as Rower accidentally poured her pasta into the sink and mid morning bus rides where none of us could work out why the bus fare kept changing.

Complaining about the lack of toilet paper in the boy's flat and being rebuked in turn for putting the toilet seat down.

Drinks in the Kings Arms, Vodka and Coke, endless bottles of red wine that weighed down my handbag so I much that I moaned and made C carry it and smuggled bottles of white wine that I somehow never got round to drinking.

Being given a (much needed) bottle of Champagne by a customer I'd helped and Rower and I drinking it in plastic glasses during the second half of As You Like It.

Said Customer rather making my day by driving to the venue subsequently on the off chance that I would be sat on Box Office after Henry V had started so that he could ask me out.

Former Soap Star showing his bottom at every opportunity, Director's name being read out on the list of the dead in Henry V, C accidentally tucking his shirt into his tights and Bardolph finally being properly hung with the aid of a tree.

Kate Nash's 'Foundations', PYFB's 'New Shoes', James's 'Laid' and - though the irony wasn't lost on us as we finished work at 10.30pm - 'Nine to Five'.

Dancing to 'Mr Brightside' on repeat in the upstairs kitchen and thinking that this was the most perfect place to be in the entire world.

The sing off in the Kings Arms with a group of foreign students which culminated in Former Soap Star's version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" and us being told to be quiet by the landlord.

Laughing until it hurt, playing drinking games, talking until I could only just keep my eyes open and, on more than one occasion, sleeping in my clothes because I didn't have the energy to take them off.

Red wines stains on the floor, dresses needing dry cleaning, bits of straw clinging to my feet.

A glance held a fraction too long, the smell of roll ups, delicious stomach churning secrets.

Harsh Monday morning light and not looking backwards.

Falling in love with Oxford all over again.

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