Friday, August 10, 2007

"So Gather Up Your Jackets, Move It To The Exits"

"So Gather Up Your Jackets, Move It To The Exits"

I walk through the doorway, all sunglasses and maxi-dress, Paddington on my right arm, Tate Modern bag over my left shoulder, large La Senza bag swinging. Preoccupied with the weather and my purchases, I look up only at the last minute -

We almost collide, my La Senza bag nudging him slightly.

"Hello" he says.

"Hello" I say back.

There is a split second of indecision. The notion, on my part at least, that it is not quite right for us to pass in this manner.

And then - I feel the bag in my hand burn though I do not know if he has even noticed it. And if he has - would he realise? I do not need a reason to shop, he is aware of that much.

It is enough, as jokingly as they were bought, that I know.

We do not stop.

As I lean on the desk for support I hear the door close gently behind him.


About a Burke said...

I soo hope they were matching and he better fucking appreciate them!!

Corinne said...

Of course they are matching ;-)