Thursday, August 16, 2007

Once Upon A Beer Garden

Once Upon A Beer Garden

"So it's a dress - and the new underwear" Stunning Rower smirks.

I nod, caught out as I am.

"Ah, the La Senza is coming out" J says. "Just add the chicken filets"

There's a pause when we look at each other. I wonder if she has looked below the level of my chin.

"No, that's not you; I'm thinking of me" J concedes.

There's a pause before Rower deadpans:

"Well, you could put a whole Turkey down mine".

We laugh, throaty, hand over mouth, with only the smallest of concessions to the fact that we should be quiet.

Afterwards we go to the pub, the ever familiar beer garden, filled with the smoke I associate with actors, where - even though I feel a pang as, tonight, he is not there - I laugh until it hurts.

It strikes me - as I sip my full fat vodka and coke, bonding with Irish Actor and recovering from Former Soap Star teasing me - that I do not want this to end.

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