Friday, August 31, 2007

"All These Things That I've Done" [Part One]

"All These Things That I've Done" [Part One]

V Festival was...

Wristbands and bag searches, almost falling over with my rucksack, managing to not put any of the tent up, debating potential levels of food poisoning, laughing at our camping neighbours (and their accents).

Seeing Seth Lakeman because we wanted to stay dry, dancing to Mutya's version of 'Naive', not quite catching Captain, shaking our bottoms to 'Murder on the Dancefloor', watching a good twenty five minutes of James's set but not managing to see either 'She's a Star' or 'Sit Down', perfectly timing Just Jack's 'Stars in their Eyes' for a moment of supreme festival singalong.

Rocking it up in the new music tent with the Rebecca boys, deciding that I really quite like Ghosts, jumping up and down and yelling myself hoarse with The Holloways and being rather proud (and just a little smug) that we knew all the words.

Spending sixty pounds on t-shirts (and breaking the credit card machine), talking to randoms, spotting one other girl with the same wellies as me and shooting her evil looks when she stood in front of me, getting my rucksack stuck on the bus and becoming quite attached to my waterproofs.

James Morrison setting the tone in the middle of the afternoon by proclaiming "you're all wet - just as I like it", Mika bringing an umbrella on stage and yet managing to stop the rain, Gary Snow Patrol's reaction to Dave Grohl hugging him being a stunned "that doesn't happen every day" and my understanding only every fourth word uttered by PYFB.

Still not quite knowing what Kanye West looks like (but hearing some of his set whilst sat in our tent), not being able to go to the toilet after 3.30pm on the Sunday because of the stench, being convinced that I was going to fall over in the mud and laughing at everyone who persisted in wearing their sunglasses even though there was no sun.

Singing the guitar sounds in 'Chelsea Dagger' with thousands of others, not quite reaching the notes in 'Grace Kelly', having a collective moment of hysteria during '500 miles', going insane for Pink's cover of 'Piece of my heart', bouncing so much during 'Generator' that I almost stopped breathing and remembering just how amazing the other Corinne is during 'Put Your Records On'.

Adoring how much love their was in the Foo Fighters' room, jumping up and down like a crazy person to 'Best of You' and finding Dave's potty mouth altogether rather too amusing.

Getting to use my 'I heart Harry' catchphrase, loving how packed the tent was with 'serious' music fans when McFly came on and feeling the hairs on the back of my neck stand up during 'It's All About You'.

The spontaneous singalong of 'I've got soul but I'm not a soldier', realising just how much I still adore The Killers and finally forgiving them for disappointing me a little with Sam's Town.

PYFB being unable to hide just how fucking amazing it was to perform on the main stage to thousands of people who knew the words to all of the songs but still deciding to get gloriously drunk anyway.

Deciding that I wouldn't let anyone past me during [The Mighty] Snow Patrol's set unless they could tell me the name of the song they were singing, almost crying during 'Chasing Cars' and realising just how much of my life I mark in their songs.

'Last Request' sung by a disparate choir, filling the late afternoon air and soaring.

Brandon Flowers saying "I've got something that belongs to you" before launching into 'Mr Brightside' and unfurling a moment of total magic that I will play and rewind in my head for the rest of my life.

Raising my arms in the air in unison with thousands of others to those chords that haunt me, to the words I have laughed, bantered and argued about, to the sound of the voice that is odd and broken and to which I could listen forever, my brain assaulted with images and memories and the intensity of the moment and hearing those beautiful final lines of 'Run' reverberate around the site.

Closing my eyes and singing until I could sing no more.

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