Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Slowly strolling in the sweet sunshine"

"Slowly strolling in the sweet sunshine"

After the rain, the wellies and the umbrellas of last week it is something of a relief to be sat on a bus in a t-shirt, with my sunglasses on and PYFB's 'New Shoes' playing in my ears.

The weather and the music adds to the prevailing mood; I am giddily, exhilaratingly, happy.

It does not surprise me that I find the trousers I need for thirty pounds less than their retail price and in a 'Buy One Get One Free' sale. Neither am I surprised that my items in Oasis come up as less than they should. Even in the Church of Primark I find a queue for the till which doesn't take three days.

I almost skip up the steps to the WYP, new purchases in hand, and just over an hour later I am offered loan of a tent [and lessons on how to put it up].

I know, of course, that this will not last. A Summer cannot last for ever. It is part of the bargain.

But for now, just for this moment, it is enough.


Nik said...

today i tried to explain to matt who PYFB was, including the whole 'i didn't know he was scottish' thing...

About a Burke said...

Im guessing PYFB is Le Paolo?? Why am I not in the loop here???


Im feeling lonely

Val said...

I think we may need an ND glossary for Dean!