Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time

Let's look at the statistics since I last blogged:

Hours worked: Too many.

Hours spent looking at random groups on Facebook: Don't even start.

Alcohol intake: Reasonable to Moderate.

Number of times I've cried at the cinema: Once. Oh, Harry.

Number of times I swore coming out of the Evil Eye to discover that York had been hit by a Monsoon: At least ten.

Number of times my judgement regarding actors has been brought up in conversation: A lot.

I do not know if you could draw a diagram from that. Maybe if a scanner were at hand I would try. But alas, one is not.

And what am I trying to say here amongst the statistics and the veiled references of my failure to blog? Well, y'know that time last year when I started working for an outdoor Shakespeare Company and I had lots of adventures involving things like vans full of rubbish, and portaloos and needing stitches in my hand (almost). And despite all that, and even despite the vomiting into a bin in front of Famous Actor's Son, and losing my necklace, and spending a good fortnight listening to Coldplay because of C, I still loved it (and in fact came back and wrote one of my favourite ever blogs about it).

Well, that time is (almost) upon us again. It will be different (I have more power for starters) and I know it will make me miss Dean even more than I currently am because the BSC adventures really belong to both of us. Equally I know, even standing here when I am - let me be resolutely honest if only for today, on the strength that he will not read it - probably in love with someone else, there is still a little bit of me that will have to take a deep breath (and not think of Abba songs) when I see those incredibly blue eyes.

But it is - exciting. A new adventure. And if - whispers - the blogging slips, lost in the realms of days in London with Dean, nights at Kirkstall Abbey drinking hot chocolate and hours pounding the empty corridors of the WYP, then know I shall be back with new stories, and people and moments that I cannot forget.

It is just that some times, just some times, I need to let my narratives develop away from my keyboard.

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