Monday, July 09, 2007

A New Addiction Is Born

A New Addiction Is Born

I have spent some time in the past week or so pretending that I didn't join facebook when M's invite dropped through my gmail.

However, such is facebook - people found me.

Because I did not want to stick with a large quotation mark for a face I had to upload a photo. And fill in my profile. And make it look like I actually have friends.

And two hours later...

There is no hope.


Jen said...

Ha Ha!!
I have vowed that I am not, under any circumstances going to join Facebook, no matter how many invites I get...

Val said...

I know, I got addicted two days ago! Haven't a clue how it works yet, of course ;-)

About a Burke said...

Why, oh why is everyone joining bloody Facebook? Director boy and his brother spend many hours just checking their accounts on Gmail, MySpace, Facebook, Hotmail!!! Not you as well???
Tut Tut Tut

Corinne said...

Ah, your will-power is stronger than mine, Jen!

C'mon Dean, you know you wan to... ;-)