Sunday, July 01, 2007

I did say I wanted it writing down

I did say I wanted it writing down

"So you see" I say, waving my fifth cocktail of the evening, "Your view's skewered". Skewered, of course, being the polite debating expression for wrong.

I give it an extra flourish as I sip my drink.

There's a pause as this is considered.

"I seem to have gotten myself into a corner here".

I beam, feeling the flow of woo woo combine with what might be an actual victory.

I watch him holding the half drunk pint.

"Ok, this time I concede". There's a pause, just long enough for us both to recognise it. "You win".

"I win?"


Unaccustomned as we both are to this, I glance round. No one else has noticed, leaving us to it as they so often do.

Strangely, the world has not ended.

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Nik said...

that is because DT saved the day, honestly, did you not watch the last Dr Who?! :P