Monday, July 02, 2007

Because I have been very, very good until now...

Because I have been very, very good until now...

Doctor & Jack

John Barrowman and David Tennant. In the same screenshot. Russell T Davies you really are spoiling us.


And if you were wondering - I adored the The Last of the Timelords.

Because it made me laugh, it made me hold my breath and it made me whoop. The acting within it was universally spot on, with superlative performances from the ever reliable Tennant and John Simm. It was also prickly and morally ambiguous enough to have me punching the air in delight.

Yes, I cried. Not the big, fat, hyperventilating tears of last year's finale - but quieter, softer as the realisation of how broken the Doctor is fell down on me as Tennant's eye caught the camera.

And I am, once again, available for all the Doctor's hand-holding needs.


Val said...

Well, there appears to be a vacany again. It would be rude of you not to apply, really.

Jen said...

Oh Corinne, I knew I could rely on you for the perfect after-thoughts.