Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ten things I really should be blogging about:

Ten things I really should be blogging about:

1. Seeing Good Charlotte, jumping around to "Girls and Boys" and being only mildly scared of their fans and their preference for wearing jeans which show their pants.

2. The Wonderful World of Dissocia at York Theatre Royal which was (in my interval review terms) "Alice in Wonderland on speed". Needless to say I loved it. And, just to increase my hearting even more, you should have seen just how many kinds of wonderful the lighting was in the final moments. And you know how DA loves a bit of good lighting.

3. Opera North's Rigoletto which did lots and lots to redeem both the company and the institution of opera in my eyes after the evening of wanting to poke my eyes out which was Katya Kabanova.

4. Going to Whitby, eating fish and chips and ice cream (not together), climbing the steps and not having to go on a boat because Dean tired of the idea before I was forced to carry through my promise.

5. Seeing The Holloways and hearting them all over again. Because to be in a room pogo-ing to 'Reinvent Myself' is to know that someone out there is writing and singing about all those things that desperately need writing, and singing, and saying.

6. Being involved in the trauma of my third cancelled train in recent weeks. I am beginning to suspect that someone, somewhere, is laughing at me.

7. Buying 5 dresses in less than a week. And actually wearing my new skinny jeans.

8. Drinking too much far too quickly, having mildly inappropriate conversations over half a table and an ashtray, realising that I was in a soap opera and then crying in front of people who really do not need to see me cry, ever.

9. Going to Castle Howard with Dean and Director Boy, using my brand new parasol, meeting the most fabulous non-stalker of a stately home guide I have ever met and pretending that I was in an episode of Brideshead Revisited.

10. Crying so much that I gave myself a Titanic headache over Stingray dying in Neighbours.


Val said...

You must have had better weather at Castle Howard than we did the previous week, if you needed your parasol! we were frozen!

And I echo your thoughts on Dissocia - as I said 'much better than the Barbican!'

Jen said...

I don't know the story on number 8 but it sounds just like my story of June 2nd.

I have now exhausted myself reading to catch up LOL