Friday, June 22, 2007

I Shall Sit In The Naughty Corner

I Shall Sit In The Naughty Corner

"You're in trouble" Dean says.

"With Director Boy?" I ask, balancing the phone as I count DVDs.

"Yes, it's been 11 days*".

I can't help but giggle. Director Boy is blog non-stalking me.

"I can't help it - I've been at Bingo!"

This, of course, is only partially true. I have been at Bingo. Three times since I last blogged. I've also done a few marathon nights at the WYP - including a Press Night, been to Birmingham on a Conference, typed a 100 page document asking for an insurance claim for 1 million pounds [best not to ask, but needless to say the money is nothing to do with me], spent three hours in Wardrobe Hire searching for the perfect dress but suceeding only in finding my perfect wedding dress, making the world's most complex and wonderous scrapbook [it is a present] and seeing the odd play or three. Given that Dean and I are reacting to our impending seperation [for Dean is becoming a Southener in 7 days] by panicking if we do not speak to each other every four hours or so I have also had a lot of coffee.

Tomorrow I'm working and then it's Beauty and the Beast in the evening with Dean and Director Boy. Then there's a Brideshead picnic, Guys and Dolls, more work and Dean's leaving drinks [which are being advertised at the WYP by a poster of Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, drawn by History Boy]. I intend to get rather drunk. And then?

I honestly do not know.

*Or it was when this conversation took place.


cat said...

about bloody time! ;-)


Val said...

Yes, you tried the 'bingo' one on me too, and in the list of valid excuses, it's a long way down! It should at least be gratifying that we're wiating for you to write.

Welcome back ;-)

Stephen said...

You've been missed - but life can be like that sometimes (he says ruefully, looking at his own blog)