Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Next Step - The OED

Next Step - The OED

Dean: "I'm making up words - like pianistic".

Director Boy: "What does pianistic mean?"

Dean: "It's an adjective - is that right?"

[I beam. He has learnt well].

Dean: "And it means...pianistic".

Me: "You can't use the word in its definition! I've studied dictionaries, I know about this."
"Use it in a sentence".

Dean: [triumphantly] "The boy is pianistic!"

[There is a moment of silence as everyone takes this in]

Director Boy: "What, he is a piano?!"

NB: Pianistic, adjective definition three: Used to describe the type of boy who is tall, thin, has floppy hair and plays the piano. First used Autumn 2006 when Dean and I were overdosing on Kathleen Tessaro's Elegance which, as well as having a scarily accurate depiction of the kind of boy I should have learnt to stay away from [but who I adored anyway], also has a supremely pianistic boy in there too. Predictably, History Boy is currently the best example of this definition of pianistic that either myself or Dean could find.

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