Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Eurovision 2007 will mostly be remembered for:

Eurovision 2007 will mostly be remembered for:

Mini John Barrowman's bottom, artfully open shirts, the Ukraine's Christopher Biggins in tinfoil, France's stuffed cat, "Shake It Up", bus stops and bare feet, the lack of belly dancers in Turkey that required them to source theirs from Britain, Latvia's G6 losing Eurovisioness marks for not throwing their flowers, Greece's Sakis Lite even though he wasn't full sugar Sakis, Cat teaching us the dance for "Flying the Flag" and us doing it in style during Scooch's performance, eating malteasers in honour of Malta giving the UK 12 points, Terry Wogan being just as much about the blogs as I was and deciding that Tony Blair's real legacy is that we will never again win Eurovision.

All in all? Good night even though Greece didn't win.


Val said...

Phew! that Sakis site should come with a health warning - shame he doesn't represent Greece every year, really!

cat said...

Val - you read my mind! thank you Corinne, that's really brightened my day! I'm still eating up the remains of the Euro-feast here, houmous and baklava for brekkie anyone?


Corinne said...

*takes a piece of baklava*