Wednesday, May 23, 2007

At Least I Already Have The Wellies

At Least I Already Have The Wellies

After some time of um-ing and a bit more time of ah-ing it seems that my finger slipped and Nik and I appear to be going to V Festival. This means lots of things including, but not limited to: I will finally get to see The Killers, I will get to shriek and be over excited about The Mighty Snow Patrol, I will feel warm and fuzzy and proud of PYFB, I will have to buy a tent, I will have to get over my slight phobia of portaloos and I will have to stay in all of July and eat soup to pay for this.

More importantly the big decision will have to be made: Pac-A-Parka or Kag in a Bag.


Val said...

OMG Camping!!

On a more practical note, the daisy kag is the prettiest, but it looks like the kag would keep you drier. x

cat said...

I've camped lots, but never at a festival - I'm mightily jealous! Last year I left it too late to get a Mac-in-a-Pac, they'd sold out by the time I'd justified the expenditure! This year....;MIL%20SS06%20Womens%20Jackets;MIL%20SS06%20Womens%20Waterproof%20Packable%20Jackets

Nik said...

fyi, i veto any form of pink or flowery tent. danke. [this is not part of my allocated number of vetoes since it does not relate to a flat]

gayle said...

McFly are at V too!