Tuesday, April 03, 2007

You Know You've Hit The Big Time When...

You Know You've Hit The Big Time When...

You find yourself at number one on google for the phrase: David Tennant Stalker. And to think that I haven't even met the man (yet).

Given his relatively unknown status I reckon I would score quite highly in the google ranking for My Richard Stalker too, only no one is ever going to google that* because there is only me in the entire world who refers to him by such a moniker. Suffice to say he is (for two short weeks) working in the same building as me (again), striding around the stage in Byron clothes as Ferdinand in The Tempest. And - oh it's a big and - he plays the drums. This is all kinds of exciting, even though he didn't break a drum stick. I suspect it's going to be a good fortnight.

*So I was curious and tried. I'm 10th for "My Richard" Stalker. Must do better.

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