Monday, April 23, 2007

You Can't Buy Publicity Like This

You Can't Buy Publicity Like This

Nik and I are attempting to work out when (or if) I'm going to be able to come and see my friend* Paddy Marber's Closer this week.

"I'm supposed to being going to the opera on Thursday night. I know people in it".

"I don't like Opera. Don't go".

I consider this for a second. My silence probably speaks volumes.

"Who are you going with? History Boy?".


"Well, you're not going to come are you? History Boy's got a huge iPod!"

[There's a pause as I start to laugh]

"With Ginny Woolf on it!"

"You know I'm blogging this, right?"

*So maybe this is a bit of an overstatement. But he came to see my play. And I had coffee and played desert island Shakespeare with him. It's a bonding experience.

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