Monday, April 09, 2007

Where I Demonstrate I Am Sorely Lacking In Common Sense

Where I Demonstrate I Am Sorely Lacking In Common Sense

Every so often I have a 'good idea' that - like writing a play in ten days or working those 39 hours in 3 days for the Shakespeare Schools Festival or revising two years work in 12 weeks - eventually winds up almost killing me. You would think I would learn. But, like the actor thing, I don't.

Yesterday I discovered this. And I thought, hey that's quite a good prize. And then I thought, well I've been wondering what I should work on next. Why shouldn't I work on that novel I've had in my head for a while now? Not the one I pitched to Dean and then promised to write for his birthday and then failed miserably beyond buying a book about writing a novel. But the one I had in my head before then, the one that I am beginning to think that DA is becoming a bit of a practice ground for.

And even if I don't get something I'm happy enough to submit for the competition, it's a nice incentive isn't it? And a deadline of the 2nd of July? That gives me plenty of time. Especially when you consider that Shakespeare probably wrote Hamlet in less than three weeks. Not that I am Shakespeare or my book will be Hamlet (obviously) but the point still stands.

And then, in a great flash of inspiration that seems to ignore the fact that I have a job (not to mention a life which involves Oxford and Blackpool and London and Sela Bar in the next few weeks), I thought: why don't I try and write a novel in a month? And then my insanity did say: yes, that would be a great idea.

So you read it here. One Month. 80,000 words (minimum).

It's not going to be pretty.

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I am just upset this may mean you read the Daily Mail...

Corinne said...

I got the link from the Writers Guild Blog if that helps ;-)