Friday, April 27, 2007

"Just Get The World Off Your Shoulders"

"Just Get The World Off Your Shoulders"

My phone vibrates as it sits across from me.

"I've soo made your patchwork front for ur cushion! :-) i'll have to line and fill it when I'm home. I decided it's a 'cheer up corinne' cushion".

I am overwhelmingly touched. And because I am emotionally fraught already and have compounded this by writing [my novel in a month will not write itself], something which tends to leave me rather vulnerable anyway, there may even be a bit of a tear. A happy tear.

"Ah, bless you! That does cheer me up, I shall hold off ordering a deckchair ;-)"

Dean saw them yesterday and I, of course, have set my heart on the Ginny one. Even though I blatantly do not need a deckchair.

"It's not that great. Deckchair def needed!! :-)".

It is amusing (if not for my bank balance) that my tendency to buy lovely, pretty, sometimes sparkly but always kind of unnecessary, things when life pokes me in the eye is resolutely matched by Dean's tendency to encourage me to do so.

"It's one thing buying a £15 umbrella because of a boy you saw naked, it's another thing entirely to spend £59.99 on a deckchair because of a boy who hasn't even properly asked you out!"

This is, I feel, a very good point. Proportionally it's all wrong. He's not even an actor. I go back to the novel, a little more confident of myself.

My phone vibrates again.

"Exactly! You actually love the [-]. HUGE difference!! and dnt deny it :-)"

Its insistence catches me. I feel the words wash over me in all their black and white ridiculousness. It is closer to the truth than I would like.

Before I have collected my thoughts to reply my phone vibrates again.

"Ergo, deckchair bloody needed!"

I can do only one thing.

I laugh.

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