Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dedicated Follower of Fashion

Dedicated Follower of Fashion

I have been calm and professional and helpful for well over an hour. I've even managed to provide answers to questions, which stunned me a little too.

"So you get the small radios, leaving me with the big one". It's probably too much information but my sensible head is starting to hurt so I continue "And I'm not happy about this because the big ones pull my trousers down".

I am not lying about this. We have been here before. Everyone laughs. Which is good because, let me be clear, I am expending rather a lot of energy on making sure that everyone still likes me now that I have the power to make them do stuff like empty the bins* and walk around with programmes and work.

"You should get a belt" someone suggests.

"I have a belt. It doesn't work!". Again this is true. Maybe this would suggest that I do not know how to use a belt. There may be far reaching implications here.

"Get another one!" is the reply that flies back at me.

"Get a pair of braces!".

It lingers in the air long enough for everyone to catch it.

"That would be great".

"Definitely braces".

I pause for a second. Caught between braces and showing my knickers if you will.

"I'll go buy some tomorrow".

Worst of all? I kind of mean it.

*I did use this threat in an out-of-work context. Unfortunately I received a text back that said "only a middle manager would think of bins". Harsh but fair.

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