Thursday, March 15, 2007

Run Away And Chase The Moon

Run Away And Chase The Moon

Dear Griffin,

So today is the anniversary of the You and Me [Tonight] release and, possibly more importantly, the day of what I suspect is [along with a blog about the Boat Race] going to become an annual tradition - the DA blog letter to you.

For lots of reasons - not least because I maybe said a lot of what I might have written here back in December - I'm not sure what exactly to say. I suspect that it is telling that were it not for this blog I wouldn't have remembered the anniversary at all. But, I suspect, that is exactly how it should be.

On Monday night, as we were eating in Ha Ha, you happened to come up in conversation - I have graced Dean with some of the not-quite-edited highlights and, maybe to put the final piece into the jigsaw, he wants to come and hear you sing. To see a little of what I can't quite convey through words but which, I suspect, I will always feel. When I used to tell people about you, when it was to encourage them to see you, to buy your songs, to be part of (whisper) the army it was quite different. When I tell people now it is because you are part of my past, one of the stories which make me the way I am. As the whole experience of those 12 months recedes I know I will never feel it again as acutely as I did then. But it is still there and we - those of us who were there - will never be able to fully explain it to those who weren't. It is forever a secret kept between ourselves, half heard in words and photos and newspaper cuttings but never quite fully articulated.

This is not to say that the new songs have not become part of my internal playlist or that I will not get the familiar thrill when I hear you sing. I do and I will. I will continue to come and see you sing for as long as I so desire. And when I'm at your gigs I will sing as much as I like, dance as much as I like and pay those in the audience as much courtesy [no less and certainly no more] as I would for any other audience at any other gig [though maybe slightly more than in the mosh pit at The Holloways gig I went to last month, I must confess]. I will continue to sit in the beds at Evil Eye and, along with Gayle, make the international signal for...well, never mind what for. I will continue to remember and I will continue to forget. You will undoubtedly continue to wear deck shoes and I will continue to disapprove.

Albion? Good name; not quite sure on 'Happiness' but adore 'Naked' and 'Silent Suicide'. And I'm much happier now that your myspace bulletins are properly punctuated. It means I've started reading them again. And studio diaries - very cute. Obviously I think you should get a proper blog, but then of course I would.

If I could put in a request for a repeat performance of 'Chasing Cars' next week then that would make one rather soppy girl very happy indeed. You should consider yourself quite honoured here - hearing Gary Lightbody sing 'Chasing Cars' live was one of my top five musical highlights of last year and I wouldn't let just anyone mess about with it. I'll even forgive you when you get the words wrong. That's how nice I am.

Is there more I should say? Possibly, possibly not. All I know is I'm still here. Albeit with a Mini David Tennant doll.

Griffin & Mini David

But then we were the girls with the paddling pool. In HMV. I look forward to the next year and whatever it may bring.


P.S. From a phone booth in Vegas...


Val said...

Awwwww! I'd forgotten too, till I read this.

Sorry about the dark shadow on the pic, I'd like to call it atmosphere, but it's probably my finger!

Anonymous said...

Did you actually give him your DT doll or was that just for the photo?

Came over all nostalgic when I read your PS and it wasn't even his song!

gayle said...

Awwwww. I'm still here too. x

*makes international hand signal for...well, y'know*

Corinne said...

I love my Mini DT rather too much to give him to Griffin - he shall have to buy his own ;-)