Friday, March 09, 2007

My Medicine Says I Am Not To Operate Machinery. What A Shame

My Medicine Says I Am Not To Operate Machinery. What A Shame.

I've tried to be subtle about it but I can hold it in no longer.


The noise spills out of my throat, bringing with it the layer of my right lung.

The taxi-driver eyeballs me through the mirror.

"Are you ok?"

I'd respond but that would require normal breathing and words and stuff. Everything that I am incapable of at the moment. I settle for nodding as my eyes water and more involuntary noise comes out of my mouth.

Taxi-Driver starts to drive faster, undoubtedly worrying that he has a plague victim in his car.

When we arrive at my house I've just about finished demolishing my lungs.

"Go get a drink" Taxi-Driver says whilst pondering where he is to get disinfectant from at this time of night.

I don't bother to say that a drink will not aid the process and settle instead for more nodding. And more involuntary noise.

The next day I'm half watching Doctors. I know there is an issue here but it is on after Neighbours and I am ill and therefore lazy and so have not turned over. A woman in it starts to make my involuntary noises.

"She sounds like you!"

I nod, pleased at the relevance that Doctors clearly has. How thoughtful of them to base an episode around my cough.

I'm less thrilled when it turns out that the woman in question has TB.


Val said...

Sounds horrid! Hope you're feeling better soon. x

Corinne said...

Bit of a blogging delay as I'm feeling vaguely human now - but then that might be the drugs ;-)