Thursday, March 01, 2007

"Is That Another Leek?"

"Is That Another Leek?"

I started yesterday on a train fielding texts about my last blog *(ooo, you gossips - though don't think I'm not aware of the sub-standard rom com storyline** which my writing on here is undoubtedly helping to fuel).

I ended yesterday with my arms above my head singing along to 'Chelsea Dagger' as the (quite magnificent) Fratellis felt the love in Birmingham.

There was some stuff in between - not least the moment, as I sat in a pub and The Verve started playing***, that I realised that I knew that the twiddly bits of the 'Bittersweet Symphony' introduction kick in at 47 seconds - but that is stuff for another day, another story.

So now I will simply say: Happy St David's Day. I hope you all got leeks.

*The answer is, not very excitingly, no.

**In no way have I thought about the story arc, or how it fits a five act structure.

***On the stereo, natch. Because that would merit more of comment than a mere aside, not least because I don't think they even talk to each other any more let alone turn up to play in random pubs during a Wednesday lunchtime. Though they should.

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