Friday, March 23, 2007

"If I Lay Here"

"If I Lay Here"

Dear Griffin,

Further to my previous letter: thank you.

I really thought you weren't going to do it. "There's no way he'll do it for the final song" Gayle and I had agreed as we stood on our stools surveying the static indifference in front of us.

And then - the opening line.

'Chasing Cars' was rawly perfect. As I stood, shaking, holding on to Gayle, you managed to transcend the space we were in. I wanted raised arms, soaring voices meeting yours, the flash of lights as the music switches. They didn't come.

But, then, they didn't need to.

Your voice - a voice which, at its best, can break my heart - singing my song. It was enough. It will always be enough.

And I will remember.



Val said...

*sniff* I have to say that my moment of the night was hearing his voice, but watching you! As you say, perfect.

Anonymous said...

I fear you mistake enchantment, emotion, and listening for 'static indifference' - sorry I don't have your talent for wordy description, but what I saw was not indifference.....
I am very happy that you enjoyed the moment so much, but please don't take anything away from the rest of us by belittling our own PERSONAL enjoyment, in whatever form it takes.

One of the 'static indifferent'

Corinne said...

I did pause over the phrase 'static indifference' when I wrote this blog. The reason I kept it when it wasn't entirely accurate (at least the indifferent bit, though I feel it captures something metaphorical rather than literal)? Because I liked the turn of phrase. For good or bad I'm quite fond of being wordy.

I am still a little bewildered as to why anyone who feels that I 'belittle' them would continue to read my blog. Surely I (and indeed my personal opinions) are old news. My position on this subject is fairly well known; and will continue to be (I suspect) for as long as I go to 'gigs' where I am shushed.

Equally I'm very honest about my position on DA; what I write is my view, but it is an edited, shaded view, twisted for both artistic and reader reasons. It is, though, one I'm happy to put my name to.