Saturday, March 03, 2007

I'd Get Someone Else To Cook Though

I'd Get Someone Else To Cook Though

At the meal to celebrate Billygean's birthday conversation turned to which ten people (dead or alive) you would invite to your ultimate dinner party. And before you say anything - it's harder than you think. Because you need to get your mix of guests right - you don't want uncomfortable silence, or a fight, or a coup, or a really badly dressed collection of people. Because it's not going to reflect well on you, the host, is it?

Having now committed serious thought to the matter (my train got delayed by signal failure somewhere north of the Armpit of Yorkshire) my dinner party might look something like this:

Will Shakespeare
Sorry to be so obvious, but hey-ho. Clearly I'd have lots to talk about with Will, he'd probably be very entertaining in an after-dinner speech way and you know that he liked a drink. Or several. Which all adds up to the fact that he would make a very interesting - and fun - dinner guest. He'd get bonus points if he actually looked like Joseph Fiennes.

Byron liked to party. He liked to drink. He liked to do lots of things that a family friendly blog like DA can't mention. And if this didn't clinch his place at the table - he also liked to dress up. All in all, he was a bit of a Drama Queen. In my head we'd get on fabulously.

Oscar Wilde
How we would laugh. And then laugh some more. I don't think any dinner party - real or imagined - would be right without Oscar.

Ginny Woolf
I'm aware that Ginny isn't probably the most obvious contender for Great Dinner Party Guest, what with the introversion and the depression and whatnot. Not to mention that she would probably go home afterwards and write moderately cruel (but funny) things about the party in her Diary. But this is my party and, erm, I'll have Ginny Woolf if I want to.

Sienna Boho-Princess
Arty? Check. Good outfit? Check. Possibility for getting drunk and dancing on the table? Check, check, check. And you know she'd flirt with Byron.

Alan Rickman
If there's anyone I'd like to turn and see when I sat down at a Dinner Party then this would be the man. The voice. The stories. The fact he knows the truth about Severus Snape. It's almost too much for a girl to handle.

Ted Hughes
Because I want to know what it was all about. Enough said.

F Scott Fitzgerald
I've seen the photos of him and Zelda dancing in fountains which officially makes him a perfect Dinner Party Guest. And I'm sure he'd bring a bottle.

Kit Marlowe
One of the great enigmas of English Literature. He probably wouldn't confess if he was a spy or not but you can bet that he'd probably get incredibly drunk and tell inappropriate stories.

David Tennant
Because the sooner he realises that he should hurry up and marry me, the better for everyone involved.

I realise that the male/female, sane/insane, sober/drunken ratio of my Dinner Party isn't ideal and I've sacrificed a couple of historical figures (Lenin, Elizabeth I) at the alter of having a literary/dramatic dinner.

Now I've just got to work out what the heck I would wear!

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