Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Did Lady Macbeth Have Children?

Did Lady Macbeth Have Children?

There are some conversations and events that I record on here because they make me laugh. There are some I record because I don't want to forget them. There are others still that go up because they say something that fits in with the current tone of DA (whatever that may be, at whatever point). And then there is that thing, that horrible phrase, the story arc. And I know, just as I suspect other bloggers do, that I select and filter things accordingly. It is always the truth, but it is a selective truth. The edited highlights, fast forwarding through the boring bits (or, at least, most of the boring bits). Maybe with over two years worth of posts together they point to something that may essentially be me. Or maybe not.

Today I had a conversation that probably illustrates a lot of this; when I write my huge academic tome* about blogging it is the conversation I will put at the start of the introduction. Because, in its essence, it is about the very nature of writing a blog. About the strange episodic, soap opera, autobiographical, (non) fictional nature of it all. And one day, maybe when I look back on this (those memoirs won't write themselves) this will make me understand.

"We often read your blog on a night" Director Boy says to me as we make our way to the train station.

"I'm a little worried if that's what you do" I smirk back.

"I'm usually playing about on the internet and you're bookmarked so if I click on it and there's a new entry and Dean's mentioned... he wants to hear it".

"Of course he does, he's all about the fame". There was a point, prior to Dean meeting some of my friends properly, that he intended to introduce himself with the sentence "I'm the infamous D".

"Of course. And he's in it a lot".

I can't deny it. "I do spend a lot of my time with him". So much so that when I was out the other week without him History Boy said that it was "good for [me] to go out without Dean". I wasn't exactly sure what the correct response to that was.

"And" - here we have the crux - "he is very funny".

"Dean is very good for blogging".

"I think he's a little worried that he's not the most famous person in the blog any more. He thinks History Boy is stealing the limelight".

"But History Boy's excellent! He's not [-], he's History Boy".

"Exactly; History Boy's a character". I do not need to add - with a story arc.

"Dean's problem was when he changed from being 'D' to Dean; he stopped being a character and became, well, Dean".

"It was Dean who said I could change the name". And it strikes me that I held off on doing it for a couple of months precisely because I didn't want to disrupt the character of D. The character of one of my best friends.

"I like the name 'Director Boy'".

This is good. So do I. "I'm not allowed to change that, I've been told".

"Who by?" Director Boy's excitement here is obvious. If he were a character in a tv show who had just spilt his soup he would be flapping his hands. Blog fame is obviously contagious.

"By readers" I smile, unwillingly to divulge more lest it disrupt the source of power that, as Author God of DA**, I have. "You're just after the fame too" I prod jokingly.

"But I'm honest about it!"

"Yes; and I will be blogging about what we did today*** - just not yet".

Because, sometimes, life must be lived before it is blogged. And, anyway, I don't know the punchline yet.

*You think I'm kidding. I'm not.

**The Author is not dead around here, thank you very much.

***And, no, it wasn't that.

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