Saturday, February 17, 2007

I Believe There Is A Lesson In Here

I Believe There Is A Lesson In Here

Things I Know About Last Night:

There was Opera. Orfeo at Leeds Grand I believe. Or at least that's what it says on my ticket. It didn't have an interval so for the first time ever I had to go to the toilet during a performance.

To add insult to injury I then GOT LOST and couldn't find an attendant to point me in the right direction. And when I came back into the auditorium it was at an incredibly quiet bit so everyone could hear me.

The production itself - rather static. Dean and History Boy, who both know lots and lots about opera in a manner which meant I had to blind them with Shakespeare knowledge for 20 minutes just to assert my own ego, weren't exactly impressed either. Neither were the women in the queue for the ladies after the show.

History Boy and I had a 20 minute debate on why I will not allow Shakespeare to be put in the same bracket as Dickens. Apparently it is cheating to try and win the debate by comparing Hamlet with Oliver Twist.

I drank my body weight (and then some) in alcohol.

At 2.00am Dean had to take me into the gents and hold my hair back. I don't think this was a highpoint for either of us.

Strangely I felt much better after this, almost better enough to protest at being asked to leave even though it was 3.00am.

Things I Know About This Morning:

Not that I am a Drama Queen or anything but I may be dying.


Nik said...

if you are, please die quietly ;) said...

I had a Shakespeare debate of sorts with Mike just before we got together.


cat said...

except for the fact that Corinne will "debate" about Shakespeare with pretty much anyone, especially when there is booze involved! ;-)


Corinne said...

I'd protest but it would be a lie ;-)

He did kind of let me win though...